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Granular Activated Carbon



Product Introduction

Aqua Sorb® 2000 is a principal high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of bituminous coal. The perfect balance between adsorption and transport pores provides optimum performance in a wide range of water treatment applications. The product is a high density adsorbent and provides maximum volume activity. The material is water washed during manufacture and there f o re wets rapidly. The excellent hardness and mechanical strength ensures negligible losses during back washing, air scouring and multiple reactivation (consult technical bulletin TB-308/R/ENG for more information).


Product Key Features  

• High volume activity

• Optimum pore size distribution

• Water washed

• High hardness and abrasion resistance

• Several world-wide drinking water approvals





• Combination of high activity and high density

• Both adsorption and transport pores

• Proven superior for multiple reactivations

• High wet ability, does not float, low dust

• NSF 61, AW WA B604-96, EN12915, DWI


Typical Application

• Municipal drinking water treatment

• Residential drinking water treatment

• Point of use drinking water treatment

• Adsorption of taste and odor

• Removal of pesticides and herbicides

• Soft drinks production

• Protection of ion exchange re s i n s

• ME / DEA purification-gas sweetening

• Critical effluent water treatment